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 .....the breakaway faction formed a new organisation, calling itself the Ansar-ul-Tauheed, or Army of the One True Faith. In videotapes obtained by The Hindu , Ansar-ul-Tauheed operatives are seen training with assault weapons.

“The Muslims of India are not powerless,” the videotape featuring the group warns. “Their warriors are advancing towards you from Afghanistan, the blessed land of the one true faith. The same way we delivered carnage to you in times past, we will do so again.” 


Although initially the Indian Mujahideen was thought to be directly involved in the blasts, the police are currently investigating if the person they are looking for, Abubacker Siddique, had formed an independent self-styled South Indian Mujahideen.. 




15. 04.’14

Boko Haram -- the nickname means "Western education is forbidden"
 -- has been attacking schools, villages, market places and military 
barracks and checkpoints this year in increasingly frequent and deadly 
attacks. Its mission is to force an Islamic state on Nigeria whose 170 million people are divided almost equally between Muslims living mainly in the north and Christians in the south.




Nirban’s family and friends say the allegations are untrue but investigators insist he is the face of a disturbing new wave of jihadist recruitments.
For months now, the police have been stumbling on similar cells ...



"...the life of nations depends on martyrs. The national fields can be irrigated only with the blood of the best hearts”.

You who have ruled India for eight hundred years, you who lit the flame of the one true God in the darkness of polytheism: how can you remain in your slumber when the Muslims of the world are awakening?” the al-Qaeda ideologue Asim Umar asked India’s Muslims last summer.







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