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863. மதங்களும் சில விவாதங்களும் - இரு பின்னூட்டக் கருத்துகள் ...3


தருமி: மதங்களும் சில விவாதங்களும்

God should be omniscient (knowing that a rape is going to take place), omnipotent (having the ability to stop that rape), benevolent (the merciful disposition to stop that rape), and omnipresent (present everywhere, all the time).

The fact that a rape takes place also means that God had known about it beforehand and in fact,is right there in the midst of that scene, doing nothing about it.

Do we need such an impotent deity?  We don't need consolation; we need security before the event occurs. We can't blame the whole thing on satan or fate.

Bharathiyar says, 'If a single individual goes hungry, it is cause enough to destroy this world'.

We should say, if a single rape takes place, it should be cause enough to destroy all religious structures.

Madhangalum, sila vivadhangalum is a wake-up call to everyone. We need to recognize religion as a power structure created by vested interests.

Humanism is good enough for all of us. We don't need forces descending from heaven. If a person requires religion to make him good, then only God can help him.

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மதங்களும் சில விவாதங்களும்  is a timely book. 

Religious intolerance is not a thing of the past. It is with us, today, and is getting worse. All that the book exhorts us to do is just think. How difficult can that be! All religions hate the thinker. For the believer who feels he has nowhere else to go in times of distress, the religious experience has always been a triumph of hope over experience. No matter how many times our God lets go of our seeking hands, we continue to beseech. 'Eli,eli, lama sabach thani' should not be a supplication, but a show cause notice to the God who had promised and not delivered.

This book needs to be translated into as many languages as possible. This book is a scientific deconstruction of the sloppy aggregation of myths that today goes by the name of religion.

Humanism is the answer. Man doesn't require refereeing by a supernatural being. Our inherent goodness of heart is adequate. If a person requires religion to make him humane, then only god can help him!

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